YELLOW & Beige; Polar Opposites Rainbow of CLUB extras

  • $35.00

For the last few years, as I’ve been dyeing up Polar Opposites, I keep wanting to dye a bright POP of color against a neutral, but in a whole rainbow, and this is the year I’m making it happen!

The first club installment shipped this week, and these are the extras from the club. This particular listing is the extras of the BEIGE neutral color, with YELLOW



The below details are the other neutral options that are listed now, and a schedule of the colors I'll be dyeing in coming months, and finally the base options that are available. If you don't see one of the base options listed, no extras of that particular base were dyed.

Neutral Options:
Black, Charcoal, Silver, Beige, and Ice
Rainbow Order:
April: Pink
May: Red
June: Orange
July: Yellow
August: Green
September: Aqua/Turquoise
October: Blue
November: Purple
Base Options:
Charles Merino Fingering $35 
William Merino Fingering $35
Oscar Sparkle Sock $38