Simon & Daphne Polar Opposites; Pre- Orders

Simon & Daphne Polar Opposites; Pre- Orders

  • $38.00

Simon & Daphne
The diamond of the season has made her match

This stunning pair is certainly the talk of the ton,
and will be presented to the masses as Polar Opposites

Bases offered:
Bruce Yak & Oscar Sparkle $38 each
Charles Merino & William Merino $35 each

Bases offered for stripes:
Bruce Yak: 70% sw merino, 20% yak, 10% nylon; 435yds; $38
Oscar Sparkle: 75% sw merino, 20% nylon, 5% sparkle; 435 yds; $38
Charles Merino: 80% sw merino, 20% nylon; 400 yds; $35
William Merino: 75% sw merino, 25% nylon; 460 yds; $35

These skeins will ship the middle to end of May (possibly much sooner, depending on several behind the scene prep factors...)

Please note that this listing MUST be purchased separately from all other listings so that shipping calculates properly. Any combined purchases will be cancelled.