Schitt's Creek Inspired Advent Kit PRE-ORDER

Schitt's Creek Inspired Advent Kit PRE-ORDER

  • $195.00

I know that we all just finished (or haven't even started) knitting our advent kits from December, but as I was putting those kits together in a last minute mad dash, I was pondering new kit ideas, and ways to better manage creating the kits, and I decided that the best thing to do would be start EARLY. I have 3 Advent kit ideas that I can't wait to get dyed up, but I know that it's super early to begin thinking about next Christmas, so please don't get mad at me for bringing this up now, lol!

These first 3 Advent kits will be available for pre-order until May 31st, at which point I'll dye up all 3 and be ahead of the game! Kits won't ship until early November, and extra kits will be available once the pre-orders have all shipped out, so if you just can't even think about this right now, I've got you covered! The pre-orders are really to give me an idea of interest in the sets, so that I can try to dye enough for everyone without having a bunch of kits sitting around the studio unsold. Pre-ordering a kit locks you in for your base of choice, but this won't be your only chance for one of these kits!

Schitt's Creek

This kit will be inspired by all things Schitt's Creek. Each color will be presented in a numbered package, and each color inside the bag will be inspired by something related to Schitt's Creek.

The exact colors in this collection will be revealed as you unwrap your Advent collection each day, and the colors will be a random mix of all sorts of things: speckles, solids, semi-solids, tonals, variegated colors...

 Please note that this is a PRE-ORDER and will not ship until early November 2020! 

Please note that this listing MUST be purchased separately from all other listings so that shipping calculates properly. Any combined purchases will be cancelled. 

Base Options:

  • John Merino: 100% sw merino, 87 yds/20g; $195 plus shipping

  • Charles Merino: 80% sw merino, 20% nylon, 80yds/20g; $195 plus shipping

  • Oscar Sparkle Merino: 70% sw merino, 20% nylon, 5% silver sparkle, 87 yds/20g; $205 plus shipping