Random Mystery Grab Bag!!! 3 skeins per bag!

  • $55.00

The bins in my studio are overflowing, so I'm clearing them out! These are all perfectly good skeins, nothing at all wrong with them, I'm just doing a studio cleaning. These grab bags will all be 3 skeins of yarn; these have  been sitting here longer than I'd like, and I'm out of room! 

I've grouped up these skeins into things that could conceivably be worked together; there are a few Lace/Sport/DK skeins and at the rest is fingering weight... many of these are extras from a club advent contrasts, or a color that I dyed for an order, but on the wrong base... mostly just all random skeins that are sitting here! There are a few gradients and maybe a stripe or two in these bags as well...

totally random bags, no requests taken; all full skeins in these bags retail at $28-$36/skein, and these are $55 per bag