Mystery Grab Bag!!! 3 Skeins of Yarn

Mystery Grab Bag!!! 3 Skeins of Yarn

  • $40.00

This listing is for GRAB BAGS of 3 mystery skeins; colors, weights, and bases will be up to me!
These skeins are all 100% perfect skeins (no knots/tangles/damages) and are mostly overstock from shows and one offs of colors that weren't quite what they should have been; I'm looking at my bins and needing more room, so it's time to move some of these out and make room for new! These could be solids, totals, speckles


Bases could be:

Anais Silk Merino Lace

Charles Merino

William Merino Fingering

Anais Silk Merino

William Merino DK

George Merino DK

John Merino

Edgar Worsted

Charles Merino SPORT