"I Love This Town!"; Who Ya Gonna Shawl? Kit

  • $112.00

Lyrical Knits’ 2023 MKAL, Who Ya Gonna Shawl? is an homage to the 80s classic Ghostbusters! There will be knitting, purling, slipping stitches, earthquakes! Volcanos! Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!

I've put together kits for this MKAL!  This years MKAL is Ghost Busters themed, and sure to be super fun. You need four single skeins of four different colors, on fingering weight yarn, and the MKAL begins February 24th, so order your set now and get your skeins caked and ready!


If a set that you are looking for is listed as sold out or you don't see the color combo of your dreams, you can pop over to my Dragonfly Fibers website and purchase the skeins and colors you want and I will dye them to order! I am the dyer of both Canon Hand Dyes and Dragonfly Fibers, and these kits are all Dragonfly Fibers colors, I've just taken to listing kits on this site while I rework both of my company websites!


Colors in this set are:

Steele Waters, Titania, Olivia, contrast color of Parchment


Yarn in these kits is Dragonfly Fibers Pixie Single Ply: 100% sw merino, 413 yds/113g