High Tea Gradient Fade Advent Kit Ready to Ship

  • $195.00

Each Advent kit will contain 25 numbered packages, with one 20g mini skein of yarn inside each package.

High Tea Gradient Fade

This set will be a gradient fade with slight speckles, it will run from golden marmalade yellows and oranges to biscuit and ta shades and into deep jammy purples; these colors will progress in a gradient style, all layered and with some speckles, and the colors will fade from one to the next; this set will be balanced in tones, bold and saturated on each end with the lighter tea shades in the center. If you look at Ambah O'Brien's Radvent Cardigan pattern from last year, this gradient would be lovely for that pattern, with the bold colors on each sleeve, fading to light tones as you reach the center back. (Please note that NO PATTERN is included in this kit, but there are many Advent patterns available on Ravelry)

 Advent Kits must be purchased separately from all other listings as they ship on their own. Any combined purchases will be canceled.


Base Options:

  • John Merino: 100% sw merino, 87 yds/20g; $195 plus shipping

  • Charles Merino: 80% sw merino, 20% nylon, 80yds/20g; $195 plus shipping

  • Anais Silk Merino: 80% sw merino, 20% silk, 80 yds/20g; $235 plus shipping
  • William Merino DK: 75% sw merino, 25% nylon, 49yds/20g; $195 plus shipping
  • Bugga (sport): 70% sw merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 80 yds/25g; $275 plus shipping
  • Bugga (DK): 70% sw merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon; 55 yds/25g; $275 plus shipping