Contrast skeins for Evermore Advent Kit; inspired by Evermore by Taylor Swift; Pre- Orders

  • $28.00

If you purchased an Evermore inspired advent kit, this is the listing for a full skein of contrast to use with that set! 


The contrast color for the Evermore set is a very deep, muddy brown called “A Bandit Like Me”


these contrast skeins will ship WITH your advent kits, so if you purchased a kit for shipping in July, the skeins will be in with your kit when they ship in a few weeks, and if your kit is shipping in November your contrast skein ordered now will not ship until November.

Base Options:

  • John Merino: 100% sw merino, 435 yds/100g

  • Robert Tweed: 85% sw merino, 15% NEP (nylon bits), 435 yds/100g

  • Charles Merino: 80% sw merino, 20% nylon, 400yds/100g
  • Bruce Yak Merino: 70% sw merino, 20% yak, 10% nylon, 435 yds/100g
  • (PLEASE NOTE: this yak base is naturally brown rather than white, so all colors on this base will have a darker undertones)
  • William Merino DK: 75% sw merino, 25% nylon; 245 yds/100g
  • Bugga (sport): 70% sw merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon; 365 yds/4oz
  • Bugga (DK): 70% sw merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 250yds/4oz
  • Robert Tweed DK: 85% sw merino, 15% NEP (nylon bits), 230yds/100g