Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton inspired a 20g minis Advent set; READY TO SHIP

  • $215.00

I know that I’m not the only one who watched the new Queen Charlotte series and drooled over the gorgeous costumes…The whispers and rustlings of silk down the corridors and hallways, the candlelight playing in the shadows, the opulence of the jewels and trims…

This new advent style set of 24 colors is inspired by the stunning costumes and color palette worn by Queen Charlotte in the new Bridgerton series. You can expect whispers of color and pale pastels with this set, which will be arranged in a random order that I find pleasing, rather than in a gradient or rainbow color progression. These colors will all be semi solids, and similar to the colors I created for my Ghosts Halloween Halfvent set a few years ago. 

What you will get: 

* 24 minis at 20g or 25g each, depending on the yarn base than you choose, each wrapped and number 1-24

* one full skein of the yarn base you choose for your set in a contrasting color (100g if you choose a 20g option or 4oz if you choose a 25g option) 

 Base Options:

  • John Merino: 100% sw merino, 87 yds/20g & 435 yds/100g

  • Marcel Silk Merino: 50% sw merino, 50% silk, 87 yds/20g & 435yds/100g 
  • Leo MCS: 80% sw merino, 10% cashmere, 10% silk; 92 yds/25g & 420yds/4oz
  • Faerie Mohair Lace: 60% kid mohair, 40% silk; 131 yds/10g & 460 yds/50g