I'm So Lost Without You; Valentine's Day Date with AIR SUPPLY; Canon Hand Dyes Valentine's Day Skeins

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Are you All Out of Love???

This Valentine's Day, reserve yourself front row seat for the glories of AIR SUPPLY

I know, I know. You're thinking, "Amy, how in the world??? What the actual #@%*?? This is just you
Making Love Out of Nothing At All..."

Those thoughts would be pretty much the same thoughts I've had race through my brain for the last 7 years (It's been SEVEN YEARS since our first Valentine's Day Hottie!) every time Marie would hint at what makes her heart flutter... (and I've met her husband Wayne, he's wonderful and handsome, but sometimes love really is blind...)
But then Marie texted me another photo, and suddenly I had an idea. It's handsome and refined and all grown up, and if you let it pass you by, you'll spend Valentines Day singing sad songs and whispering

'...I'm so lost without you..."

The colors is these skeins will be a mystery until they are shipped (listing photos hint at the colors, but these photos are NOT exactly representative of the colors used in these skeins- these polar opposites WILL NOT be a tribute to both Air Supply and Greatest American Hero, they will NOT be red, white, and blue...)

**PLEASE NOTE: These orders will ship on or before February 8th; place orders for this listing separate from all other listings! Any orders placed with this listing WILL NOT SHIP until February 8th!**

Listing options:

Polar Opposites with contrast mini: Charles Merino, Oscar Sparkle, William Merino, Bruce Yak
Sock Twin Gradients: Charles Merino, Oscar Sparkle
Traveller Bulky Hat Gradients

Gradients will be the same colors used for the stripes, but these will translate quite differently as layers and speckles of gradient color, and will be without the contrast color that is available with the Polar Opposites. Both gradient cakes in the Twins sets will be matched skeins 

Base Options:

Charles Merino: two 50g skeins of 80% sw merino, 20% nylon; 200 yds per 50g

William Merino: two 50g skeins of 75% sw merino, 25% nylon; 230 yds per 50g

Oscar Sparkle Merino: two 50g skeins of 75% sw merino, 20% nylon, 5% silver sparkle; 217 yds per 50g

Bruce Yak Merino: two 50g skeins of 70% sw merino, 20% yak, 10% nylon; 217 yds per 50g

Traveller Bulky: one 4oz gradient cake of 100% sw merino; 108 yds per 4oz